The 2019 edition of the Granfondo Stelvio Santini is lending its support to young cyclist and activist Ruby Isaac to help World Bicycle Relief, a not-for-profit Association that provides bikes to the world’s poorest people. The Granfondo organisers will also be opening a JustGiving account where participants can make their own donations

She’s just 11 years old yet she is already a cycling star on the web. Ruby Isaac is a bubbly youngster from Kettering in the heart of England who has one great passion: racing bikes. Social media is full of videos of her casually and effortlessly cycling on rollers with her hands nowhere near the handlebars, something many professionals would never dare to do. But little Ruby is also an activist and very much involved in actively supporting several charity projects. These include World Bicycle Relief, a not-for-project Organisation that makes and distributes bikes to people in need in the poorest areas of the planet.

Ruby’s association with World Bicycle Relief is how her partnership with the Granfondo Stelvio Santini began. The 2019 edition, which takes place on Sunday, June 2, will be supporting the Ruby Isaac campaign by donating one euro for every entry in the cycling event.
A cheque for all the funds raised from the Granfondo will be presented too Ruby once she has completed a challenge of her own which will involve tackling the 1,500 metre elevation change between Bormio and the Stelvio Pass. On Friday, May 31st, in fact, Ruby will ride the Stelvio Pass and when she arrives at the top will be presented with the cheque for the funds collected from the race entries.

The Ruby Isaac campaign for World Bicycle Relief is already up and running, however, and donations can be made through the JustGiving fundraising platform:
The Granfondo Stelvio Santini will also be opening its own JustGiving page to allow all participants to make their donation directly to the Association:

This initiative will make a significant contribution to World Bicycle Relief which provides the poorest people in the world with bicycles. Owning a bike can prove life-changing as it makes every day travel and thus access to basics such as food and water easier. Getting work, school or hospitals is easier too. But the innovative bikes provided by World Bicycle Relief are also specially designed and sustainably made. Most importantly of all, they are assembled locally. Over the last 10 years, the not-for-profit association has built and distributed over 400,000 Buffalo Bicycles, in fact.

To enter the Granfondo and thus donate one euro to World Bicycle Relief, go to where you can snap up one of the 800 bibs available at a price of 80 euro before the end of March. Don’t forget that entrant numbers have been capped at 3,500 for this 2019 edition. All participants, however, will have a choice of three different routes: the short 60-kilometre route, the 138-metre medium route and, for the fittest of the field, the 151-kilometre long route that includes one of Europe’s most gruelling pass, the Mortirolo.