In between all cycling lovers of 9th edition of the Granfondo Stelvio Santini, the top ranked men and women in each category were crowned Kings and Queens of the Mountain on the basis  of their overall time trial results on the Long, Medium and Short Routes. Enrico Zen and Martina Trevisiol clocked the best total time on the Teglio, Mortirolo and Stelvio climbs on the Long Route. Andrea Pontalto and Doris De Rooij clocked the best total times on the Teglio and Stelvio climbs on the Medium Route. Denis Taccola and Alessandra Nazzari clocked the best time on the Stelvio climb on the Short Route. Other prize-winners were: Enrico Zen and Martina Trevisiol who received the white Retelit-sponsored jersey for the best time on the Teglio climb, and Andrea Prandi and Martina Trevisiol who were the fastest grimpeurs on the  Mortirolo, taking home the Trek-sponsored red jersey for their endeavours. Denis Taccola and Christina Rausch took the crown – and the blue Santini-sponsored jersey –  for best time on the  Stelvio Pass.