The Stelvio road is not only a work of high civil engineering, the scene of heroic cycling enterprises. The Stelvio is also wellness, if it were not for all the satisfaction we feel every time we reach the top. Perhaps few know that, near the first cave, there is a natural turkish bath: 80 meters dug in the rock and water at 40 degrees, dating back to 1827, with warm walls, water vapor and pools carved into the rock. A unique example on the whole alpine range.

The steam bath has multiple benefits, especially if practiced after physical activity because it promotes the elimination of toxins through perspiration. The biweekly practice can be recommended as part of training, thanks to its ability to promote a quick recovery and to speed up the disposal of lactic acid, improving peripheral circulation and giving a sedative effect to the nervous system. The organism becomes more energetic and active.

We await you after your arrival, to immerse yourself and enjoy your success, whatever the time, result or effort you have made. It will certainly be a goal of well-being that we have achieved together.

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