Following all the requests for information on registrations and refunds, please see the following FAQ, if necessary, contact info@usbormiese.com for further details.

1) I was registered for the 2020 edition, is my registration valid for the 2021 edition?
As previously announced, those who were registered for the 2020 edition could keep their registration valid for 2021, confirming it by 24/10/2020.

2) Can I move my registration to the 2022 edition?
This possibility is guaranteed – as per our regulation – to new members of the 2021 edition, but not for those who have registered in the 2020 edition.

3) Can I request a refund of the fee?
No, as per regulation, the registration fee is not refundable. However, you can request by email to have your race pack delivered to your address, against payment of shipping costs.

4) Can I change the name of the participant?
Yes, you can change the name of the participant withing August 15th, with the additional cost of € 10,00. You need to send an email to info@usbormiese.com  with the new name and the new jersey size.