“Formula Bici RideYourDream” offers you the opportunity to complete any Granfondo from the 2020 Formula Bici series and to become a ‘Finisher’, riding on your roads, without having to give up on your cycling ambitions this year, even with so many events canceled: we want to give you a clear goal to reach! Ride wherever you want, anywhere in the world, just respect one rule only: you must ride the same number of km as the official event (with a maximum difference of +/- 10% allowed) and with the same total altitude (with a maximum difference of +/- 5%), and in case of a gravel event with the same number of km of dirt roads (with a difference of 10% more or less).

Discover more about “Formula Bici Ride Your Dream” and register for the event at the price of 10€ (100% of which will be donated to the Italian Civil Protection). Choose one or more events in our calendar and decide when you want to compete. You can complete as many events as you want until the 31st of December and for each one you will receive and official “Finisher” certificate.

DISCOVER MORE AND SIGN UP: https://formulabici.it/en-ride-your-dream/