Autumn and winter are the best periods of the year to work on muscle strength. With the end of the race’ season and the arrival of cold and bad weather, which is likely to limit the number of weekly rides, these months represent the ideal time span for doing this kind of work.

In this case, to work on muscle strength and on the fat / body mass ratio in our body, the most suitable place for this purpose is the weight room of the gym.

The strength work will allow you to increase your muscles strength (which will result in a greater boost on the bike) without adding too much mass, and therefore weight, in order to improve the performance compared to the previous year.

It will therefore be important to follow these steps to make sure to do a good job in this regard:

• You must work on all the muscular groups of the leg: in particular, it is essential to start this type of work with a basic exercise, which allows the use of multiple muscles at the same time and thus a greater workload

• Working on individual muscle with isolation exercises will enable you to “hit” the target muscle and make it work in the best possible way

• The range of the sets for strength development requires a greater number of series (4 up to 6) and fewer repetitions per set (3 up to 6), especially for basic exercises (for isolation exercises you can perform less series)

• The recovery times between each series must be abundant: from two minutes (for isolation exercises) up to 3 minutes (for basic exercises)

Doing so, you will be ready as never before for the new season’ start, with a higher muscular strength that will enable you to improve your performance.