The official GF Stelvio Santini jersey is a top-of-the-range model from the prestigious house SANTINI. It has been studied by and for professional riders, and has a cut very close to the body. The handles are laser cut lycra, they are tight, whatever the size chosen. The body material is also aerodynamic, tight, and the jersey is worn like a “second skin”. The zip is an integral opening, it has 3 back pockets and a specific side pocket for waste consumed during the race.

Tip: BE REALLY CAREFULL – If you are not comfortable with this type of cut, consider taking a size up. (or even two compared to a “classic” mid-range jersey).

ATTENTION – We only guarantee the availability of the size you chose when you registered. Please understand that it is financially impossible, in the month of February, date of the launch in jersey manufacturing, to order 3 different sizes per rider registered, “in case it size too small, in case it size too big”. (that’ll be 12500 jerseys to make!)

You can change the size at the exhibition village, within the limit of a spare stock of 300 jerseys that we order in addition and which will be reserved exclusively for this purpose. Once this stock is exhausted, you will have no choice but to wear the jersey you have chosen and reserved.

Be careful therefore to take your time when registering, to choose the size best suited to your needs.