Each participant must be in possession of a medical certificate for the practice of competitive cycling; participants of foreign residency must possess a medical certificate according to the E – Health Certificate model.

For each participant, both of Italian residence and foreign residence, the certificate of eligibility for participation must have expiry date no earlier than the day of the competition. The possession of an appropriate medical certificate will be checked using the DataHealth service; therefore, both for participants of Italian residency and foreign residency, it is necessary that the medical certificate provided is validated, through the DataHealth service (www.datahealth.it), within May 15th, 2019 .

Members who do not proceed to validate their medical certificate through the DataHealth service, will be asked to produce a valid copy of their certificate directly at the venue; this alternative will involve less simplified procedures and long queues for the verification of the requirements for participation.

Please note that simply own a cycling federation membership card is not sufficient for participating.